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lue's poetry hour

Lue's Poetry Hour started on my Twitter page in 2016 as a way to introduce poets, writers, Muggles (non-writers) to a wide spread of poetry from people of different backgrounds. It's quite simple, actually. For an entire hour, I would do a thread of poems that focused on one thing: poems by black women, poems by trans/gnc writers, poems by queer Latinx writers, etc. Occasionally, I would have guest curators. 

Now, Lue's Poetry Hour is a poetry column/newsletter. If you want to subscribe to this weekly column, grab your wine and click here

Here are some of the past Hours I've done: Asian Women, Queer Hispanic/Latinx, Black Women, Indigenous, Muslim, Trans/Nonbinary, Genderqueer (1,2), Latinx, International Women's Day, African-American (1,2,3), American-Southern, Love Poems by POC, Mental Health, Couplets, Nature Poems by Queer Black Men, & Kundiman Fellows

Where do the muses sit

Where Do the Muses Sit is an online poetry workshop focusing on different topics, themes, and craft. The title, "Where Do the Muses Sit," comes from the idea that, while the Muses hold the keys to genius, we too can acquire genius, if only a little at a time. This workshop is also made for those who cannot attend workshops in their community or across the country due to time constraints, financial incapibility, and/or lack of other resources. 

Where Do the Muses Sit is for those who are familiar with workshops, actively reading engaging with poetry, hold some knowledge of basic terminology and craft elements, and are comfortable with giving and receiving critical feedback. 

For information about each workshop, click here

(This workshop was inspired by the St. Louis-based workshop, Most Folks At Work, created by Justin Phillip Reed.


Here a list of poetry books (full-length and chapbooks) dropping in 2019. List features poets such as, Franny Choi, Rosebud Ben-Oni, Jericho Brown, Rigoberto Gonzalez, Brenda Shaughnessy, Raquel Salas Rivera, and more. To read the full list, click here

Lue's Licks

A column of me licking books accompanied by mini-reviews of 240-500 characters. If you'd like me to lick/mini-review your book or anthology, feel free to contact me. 

To read the reviews, click here.