Where Do the Muses Sit

Where Do the Muses Sit is an online poetry workshop focusing on different topics, themes, and craft. The title, "Where Do the Muses Sit," comes from the idea that, while the Muses hold the keys to genius, we too can acquire genius, if only a little at a time. This workshop is also made for those who cannot attend workshops in their community or across the country due to time constraints, financial incapibility, and/or lack of other resources. 

Where Do the Muses Sit is for those who are familiar with workshops, actively reading engaging with poetry, hold some knowledge of basic terminology and craft elements, and are comfortable with giving and receiving critical feedback. 

(This workshop was inspired by the St. Louis-based workshop, Most Folks At Work, created by Justin Phillip Reed.)


Photo by Robert Cornell

Photo by Robert Cornell

This workshop will focus on what makes a poem vulnerable—that is, how do we write vulnerably with integrity and authenticity.  Writers in this workshop will discuss how to achieve vulnerability, at what stakes can vulnerability be written, are there nuances when being vulnerable, does one have to address trauma to be vulnerable, etc. We will use the works of artists like Carl Phillips, Sharon Olds, Sylvia Plath, Danez Smith, Beyoncé, and others. 

Luther Hughes